Security Safes - Services

The majority of security safes we manufacture and distribute will go through a series of vigorous testing to protect you and you’re belonging against theft, rust, water or fire damage. The safes we supply are placed in a furnace where they are fire tested to temperatures of up to 1090c  making sure that all of the contents is still recoverable after this and the period of time that the contents of the safes can survive for in these conditions is recorded and then given a fire resistance rating.

Another intensive test which is carried out on all of our security safes products is water resistance, 2 main tests are implemented in which the first a 120mph power hose is fired upon the safe for 30 minutes and then the contents is carefully inspected to ensure that the safe has stayed fully water retarded.
We are so confident that all of the products we stock will pass these intense tests we have prepared videos to show this.

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